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Shout out from Amphib Digital
Feedback from June 25 Customer Experience Class
Darren Cady with The Cottage Keepers Inc.
"My main concern was my approach on how to connect with others and bring into the conversation about my nutritional supplements. Callie gave me advice that is on point!!
I love your innovative ideas that are so spot on!! You are so amazing and the tag line of ideas so great you can write them on a napkin is PERFECT!!!   I actually feel comfortable discussing my business now.  I have already had success with the new approach and we met just 5 days ago!
Callie, you made a light come on and completely change my entire business approach!!! I am completely satisfied with your SPARK!! Thank you so much!! You have a beautiful mind and great innovative
ideas!! Xoxo
You HAVE to call her TODAY to get your business on the right path!!!"
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