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Love from Clients

"In our session, Callie brought her whole self—
her straight up combination of business acumen with soulful
insight into the patterns that hold me back. She has a way of
  bringing me back to center and to what is really important that
I find incredibly valuable. We addressed a topic I’d been
struggling for a long time, which is my rate sheet. She was
able to help me re-frame my offerings in a way that empowers me
to get paid for what I really offer, and help clients to
choose the level of investment they’re able to make. It was a
clearing up of a tangle that felt really good."
Erica Wheeler,
A Great Big Thank You!

Dear Ms. Fulmer,

I just want to say thank you for the work you did in changing the
appearance and orientation of my consulting company. It was awesome!
I have been providing consulting services for over 30 years and my
previous marketing materials and marketing approach painted a picture
of an organization that had not kept up with technology. That was
not the case, but you couldn’t tell that from our
marketing/advertising materials.

I introduced your fresh new approach at the IEEE EMC Symposium for the
first time and the attendees were impressed. The image was that of
an entirely new high-tech company and the marketing ideas were so
unique that it generated a lot of new interest in my consulting
services. The rapid response ideas: “EMC First Responder” and
“the right answer right away” coupled with the ease of buying
services really got people’s attention.

The quality of your work is outstanding! I am impressed with both your
creativity and your great communications skills. I was delighted by
your ability to put across a consulting services message in an captivating way.

They are generally so dull and boring. The message you created is easily
understood, yet interesting, and potential clients will definitely remember it.

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to work with a number of
exceptional people, but none have had your enthusiasm and energy. I
have no doubt that you and your organization would be an extremely
valuable asset to any organization in need of fresh new ideas and
better ways to communicate them.

Thanks again for your help!

Best regards,

Ronald Brewer

Principal EMC Consultant

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