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What's the short version of what you do?
The shortest version is: I bring entrepreneurial thinking to existing (and not so existing) businesses.  I can re-invent aspects of your business, and re-vitalize your customer bases, frequently is surprisingly affordable ways.  
I'd like to get to know you better.
Awesome!  Me too.  You can come and join my hangout on Facebook.  It is a cool community of people that are into new ideas and doing business in a way that works for them.  Just head over to my profile and ask to be added to the group. 
If you are local, check out my mixer schedule and come hang out.  I would love to see you there.
You aren't in my industry.  How can you help me?
You are in your industry and bring all of the industry knowledge needed.  I am outside of the "it's always been done this way" stories of your industry and help you cut through all of that to see something new and fresh.  Trust me- it's better this way.
$300/hour, that's so expensive!!!!
I get asked about my rate a lot.  And you are welcome to ask me about it too.
I can get a lot more done in a hour than most people.  My brain works at a high rate of speed, and I am a great communicator, so there isn't lots of time wasted trying to explain ideas.
Working in the very high level innovative and strategic space is not something that is easily found. Once we have mapped out what looks good for your business, you are then free to implement it as you see fit.  This saves you money in the long run and allows you maximum flexibility to control your budget.
I don't require a minimum number of hours, a long term contract, or stranglehold the people you work with.  You are free to schedule as much or as little time as you need, because I believe you are able to recognize when you need help, and when you are on track.
Clients are also free to e-mail me about things that come up, and I will let them know if I can assist in a quick response or if we need to schedule time to talk about it.
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