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Possibility Sparks
Those ideas that you haven't even considered before.  That's what happens when you strike your awesome expertise against my vast and broad interests, knowledge and steerable creativity.
I help people see things they couldn't see before.  Connecting the dots between what they know like the back of their hand, and the people or industries that need that information.  Like yesterday.
I also assist with naming, branding and the story around the new product or service.  It's like a new business in a box, but specifically tailored to you, your talents, or your lifestyle.
As a Business Engineer & Professional Visionary, I can look into your business structure, plan, or model, work systems, and customer experience to see how they can fit together better or bring in new
revenue streams. Starting a new business or need a change? I will see how to apply your genius and unique combination of hobbies, interests, talents, and education in a new and valuable way to make
your life easier or take your business plans to a new level. It's like taking the individual songs of your awesomeness and making a breathtaking mash-up out of them that you never knew was possible.
I have an unrelenting belief that you are amazing.  That your work matters.  You have something cool and special to offer the world, and you should be offering it.  It doesn't matter if that offer is a
little side hustle, a local brick and mortar, or a plan for world domination.  It is your right and privilege to be in control of your economic destiny.  Step into it with your business.
Already in business? Let's see what you can do to make your customers adore you.  Product changes, marketing stories, customer bases, and brand partnerships are out there in ways you haven't even
dreamed of yet.  Let's explore them together.
I work with businesses of all shapes and sizes, from those not yet born to internationally recognized.  When your business needs new ideas, new vision, a tune-up or a breath of fresh air, Possibility
Sparks is here for you.
About Callie
Hi!  I'm Callie Fulmer, and I am the heart of Possibility Sparks.
I have been interested in designing things, inventing, business and engineering since I was a child.  I come from a long line of mechanically creative people.  My grandfather taught himself how to
repair TV's in the days of picture tubes.  He could solve every single one of the Rubik's puzzles-without a book.  My dad was the first person in his family to go to college, and he studied engineering.  My mother was a math major and worked for the phone company.  (Fun fact- They met through the first computer dating service ever.  The information went on punch cards!)
I grew up on a farm.  A place of seeing how you could fix, repair, prolong, and simplify things and systems if there ever was one.  And when we drove places, instead of singing songs and playing the
license plate game,  my family invented things, and came up with clever names and marketing plans.  We even wrote a song for Keebler once! (maybe I should send them a you-tube video of it)
I spent two years studying engineering at Penn State before I switched to Speech Communication.  What I have found is someone who has the ability to see things from that engineering/problem solving
perspective and then communicate that in clear, plain language is is a rare and in-demand skill.  Clients regularly tell me they are astonished at my ability to see things in new ways with a clarity
and ability to communicate it that are unmatched.  Breaking down large, complex, and overwhelming ideas into bite sized achievable pieces is a signature aspect of working with me.
I have a wide-ranging business experience background that includes customer relations, real estate, teaching, telemarketing, product development, and founding internet startups. I've run the gamut of
marketing and identifying holes in the market, enhancing (or simply fixing!) the customer experience, strategic planning, contracting, dealing with difficult clients, honing communcations, applying
theories to individual situations and personalities, creating sales strategies, working with manufacturers, pricing, bringing a project together, working on a budget, balancing the minimum viable product
with long-term development plans, and generating nimble business concepts.
No task is too insignificant to be worth careful consideration and creativity - I recently lost a significant amount of weight (165 lbs!) and had to completely re-engineer my wardrobe, a crazy task that I have made a class out of. Regardless of your needs, I offer a toolkit just waiting to boost your business.
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